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Ceramics classes: Monday andTuesday evening, Wednesday morning and -evening,
Friday morning and -afternoon
availability here.


During my weekly classes I tend to put a lot of emphasis to the design process. This may sound a bit complicated, but it always pays off and it's great fun to imagine and draw your new art object before putting your hands in clay.


Delft Blue and earthenware from Makkum, we owe a big part of our worldwide fame to our ceramics history. And in Fez, Morocco, men and women have been making colourful earthenware for centuries. Mexico, Japan, China... all nations with a rich ceramic history, with their specific traditions, firing techniques and shapes and colours. Be inspired by the websites I listed in my Favorites.

Hi, I am Charlotte Boersma. In Keramiek Centrum Amsterdam
I teach weekly ceramics
classes and occasional in-depth workshops for students.
After finishing my professional training in Gouda I studied Ceramics Design at the Glasgow School of Art. Since 2010
I am teaching full time. All classes are for all levels and in both English and Dutch.


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